Construction is growing, but the prices of building materials are unchanged

In May, compared with March - early April, prices for construction materials have not changed, but decreased in comparison with the beginning of the year. Affected the seasonal factor, in the last eighteen months has played the role of consumer deflation. Now the stone-quarries dice Garadagh region fell more than doubled and stood at 42 kopecks (truckers sell at this price.) Guzdek stone cubes cost 40 kopecks, in the regions the same production costs from 60 to 80 kopecks.

Local fittings (manufacturer Baku Steel Company) as compared to March fell from $ 850 to 740-760 per ton. The prices for nails, channels, rods, metal pipes and other products of the monopolist dropped equally.

According to the results of monitoring carried out on the building materials market in May, compared with the early spring also cheaper imported goods - parquet 2%, Slate - 1.5%, tile flooring and -1.5%. The difference in insulation is 1%, and in colors it is 2%. It is also on average 1.4% lower compared to the results of the same period last year. The share of domestic products was 62.3%.

Vendors working on the building materials market, believe that prices will rise to fall randomly in connection with construction work on a national scale - is preparing for the European Olympic games, built a number of industrial complexes within the diversification of the economy and so on.

The market is interconnected, because food inflation will affect building materials. Many sellers do not hide that they were "planted" to this position by the owners of large distribution companies subordinated to the official monopoly. On the contrary, this situation is safe conduct of the inspection bodies - they say.

Vendors working on the building materials market, play to increase the price randomly, regardless of market conditions, and relate this to the general rise in price on the back of rising excise goods. Impact on the market and the growth of interest on contributions large distribution companies, which, in turn, are subordinate to the officials monopoly. Should not be discounted and fiscal raids and inspection bodies.

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