Consultation on launching Azerspace-2

The Open Joint Stock Company Azerkosmos announced a tender in connection with the launch of a second telecommunications satellite Azerspace-2. Essence - the procurement of consulting services for the preparation of contracts to regulate the sharing of the orbital position of the satellite, designing and operating the satellite in orbit and other forms of cooperation, as well as commercialization of companion volumes.

According to the Ministry of Communications and high technology, tender participation fee is $ 500. The validity of the tender announcement is 60 days service period - until the end of 2014. All bids must be submitted in Azerkosmos of up to 18 hours on August 28. Tender procedure will begin on August 29 at 16 o'clock in the Company.

Additional information is available by e-mail,,, as well as contacting the telephone number + (994) 12 5650055 (ext. 111). - 17D-

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