Covered "non-existent" furniture business

The Department for Preliminary Investigation of Tax Crimes at the Taxes Ministry of AR filed two criminal investigations into hiding from taxes totaling 1,112,183.1 manat, the official statement said.

A criminal case was raised under Article 213.2.2 of the Criminal Code against the individual Rufat Gabilov and Sama LTD, accused of tax evasion amounting to 562 483.61 AZN and 549 699.49 AZN respectively.

The investigation revealed that R. Gabilov headed the shop selling furniture Verona Lux in Baku, although according to the documents, since 2009 he has suspended his activities as a taxpayer. The investigation revealed that the furniture in the store was allegedly Italian, but in fact the whole party was local production – by the factory Sama LTD.

It was revealed that the furniture was delivered from the factory without the execution of the relevant documents, in violation of the rules of cash payments. Also, the check in Verona Lux and Sama LTD revealed the presence of "black accounts". - 17D-

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