Deficiency of dollars and euros cause rumors on a new devaluation

On Tuesday, the currency exchange offices remained closed, and those that are open only buy foreign currency. Commercial  banks also do not sell currency, and only buy  dollars and euros at the exchange rate of the Central Bank,  no more than 1.6663 manat, and the euro - 1.7778. It is not clear why the banks buy the currency, but do  not sell it  to willing people. Non-cash foreign currency transactions are carried out. So, it is possible  (on the  rate  of the  CBA)  to replenish in mantas  deposit accounts and credit cards in dollars and euros. Against this background, many sources speak of the "inevitability" of a new 50% devaluation, as a result of which dollar will be worth 2.2 manat - current course of "black market".

It seems that what is happening today is encouraged by influential structures to prepare the population for a new devaluation. By the way, today the Central Bank raised the dollar immediately at 0,043 points to 1.5685 AZN. Euro exchange rate totaled 1.7069 manats.

According to some observers, the authorities will strictly limit the sale of dollars and euros while the price of oil falls - the main source of foreign currency in the country's budget, and the rate of manat will fall.

It is clear that the authorities have no strategy  to get out of the situation, and they are not willing to work out a plan to stabilize the financial market. -06D-

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