Demand for Treasury bonds was higher offers

On May 6 , the Ministry of Finance fully deployed short-term government bonds (T-bills) in different circulation periods totaling 16 million manat. As demonstrated by the activity of investors in general demand exceeded supply by more than 5 million manat.

Bond yields, depending on the period of circulation were 1.46 % ( 35 days maturity ), 1.89 % (91 days) to 2.90 % (365 days) . Investors are local banks that are experiencing acute difficulties with the placement of funds, they told Turan in one of brokerage firms.

At the same time, brokers believe that domestic banks are quite free to buy long-term Eurobonds of the Ministry of Finance of Azerbaijan on the secondary market, which can provide higher - interest rate of 5% per annum.

From January to April, the Ministry of Finance did not issue T-bills. On May 5, three issues were issued T-bills in the total amount of 600 million manat, which is planned to place in stages.

In 2013 the Ministry of Finance placed on the T-bills market in excess of 98 million manat, which is 31% less than in 2012 . - 08B-

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