Doubled investment in infrastructure costs in Nakhchivan autonomy

Investment of the government in infrastructure projects in the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic in the last year amounted to 262.5 million manat.

According to the Law " On the performance of Azerbaijan's state budget for 2013," adopted at the final plenary session of Milli Majlis in this direction there is a twofold increase in budget expenditures (in 2012 130.2 million was allocated).

The funds were spent on the construction of Arpachai Ordubad hydropower and on the reconstruction of water and sewer systems, including in Nakhchivan, the road reconstruction Nakhchivan - Shahbuz - Batabat and Julfa - Ordubad. Actual construction was in the Nakhchivan Republican Hospital and in the main gas pipelines - Sederek - Nakhchivan and Nakhchivan - Shahbuz, as well as ​​some other projects. - 17D-

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