First Bank Insured against Counterfeit Bills and Financial Documents

In the insurance market of Azerbaijan there is a novelty - the first collected insurance premiums from the fake bills and financial documents.

According to the State Insurance Supervision Service of the Ministry of Finance of Azerbaijan, the first 484 manat was paid under a voluntary policy of one of the financial institutions of the country. Little interest of banks such insurance policy specialists explain the lack of demand, but predicting the future of this species. In addition, the approach of plastic insurance cards and bills. Plastic bills much better protected against possible forgery, they are more convenient to use, and applicable to ATM terminals, they do not stick chemistry and colored particles from clothing. It is a strong contamination of banknotes is also one of the main reasons for failure of special optical readers, located at ATMs and POS terminals. Plastic money much longer stay clean, they have a smooth texture, - said one of the experts from the private bank that has established an unusual precedent for Azerbaijan.

By the way, for the first time, this year there were received insurance premiums for rail transport - 64420 manats. Compulsory insurance for the first time this year was 6470 manats at the expense of the independent auditors. - 17D-


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