Growing risks associated with climate change

Baku launched a seminar on the risks associated with climate change, organized jointly by the Ministry of Emergency Situations AR and UN Development Programme.

The event within the framework of the joint program "Enabling the risks associated with climate change, water management and flood from the small mountain communities of the Greater Caucasus" is associated with an increase in floods and mudslides, to which mountain communities are subjected.

According to Deputy Minister of Emergency Situations Tapdig Amiraslanov, the studies have shown that the population living in the mountainous regions and their property is subjected to greater risk than in other regions of the country. To prevent risks, enhance the sustainability of the population against floods and water shortage there is a need to adapt to climatic influences, he said. He said that the project envisages making all the necessary measures, notably, education and early warning to the population. "I believe that to achieve the goals you want to create a new concept in the field of water management," he said.

The southern slope of the Greater Caucasus Range (area covered by the studies) covers 11 thousand square kilometers, covering Ismayilly, Oguz, Gabala, Sheki, Zagatala and Balakan . In 2013, in the commencement of the preliminary research project six international and seven local experts were involved. The program is operated by five foreign and 10 local experts. - 17D-


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