Holcim (Azerbaycan) resumed the distribution of dividends

Friday, March 14, the general meeting of shareholders of Holcim (Azerbaycan), the largest private industrial enterprises in Azerbaijan with foreign capital, distributed among the shareholders of AZN 51 million of net profit for 2013.

From the second quarter of 2009, the leading cement producer in Azerbaijan sent net income to cover the loan borrowed from international financial institutions for modernization.

As one of the minority shareholder of JSC Shamsaddin Allahverdiev, each share with a nominal value of 20 manat accrued dividend of about 32.5 manats.

Pretax income of Holcim (Azerbaycan) for 2013 amounted to 65 million manat. Net income in the last year increased 13 million manat.

According to the decision of the shareholders, the dividends will be paid in two stages.

Note that previously expected that shareholders will receive no dividends until 2016, i,e. until full repayment of the loan.

The controlling stake (66%) of the shares Holcim (Azerbaycan) belongs to Holcim Ltd. 10 % of the shares belong to the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the state-run Azerbaijan Investment Company. Shareholders comprise three legal entities: Holcim Auslandbeteiligungs GmbH - 3 %, Azer Invest Company - about 2% and Chelsea Capital -0.02%. Individuals (about 640 people) have a 9% stake. Each individual owns 186 shares. Thus, they will receive this year as dividend after tax, approximately 5,400 manat.

Holcim (Azerbaycan) was established in 1998 on the basis of Garadagh cement plant. Its charter capital is AZN 31 million. With a nominal value of AZN 20, the market value of shares on the market is about 56 manat. According to experts, the capitalization of the shares is not less than 120 manats. - 08B-

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