Import and export of goods for more than $15 billion through Azerbaijan

From January to July, the volume of cargo through the territory of Azerbaijan on the export-import operations amounted to $ 15 billion 370.915 million. According to the committee, in absolute terms, this amounted to 18 million 123.69 thousand tons (minus 8.8% per year).

Exporting goods (14.19 million tons worth $ 11 billion 246.23 million) exceeded the share of imports (3.93 million tons valued at $ 4 billion 124.17 million).

The largest share (12.68 million tons) fell on the pipelines, the trace (1,132,480 tons) are railroads.

The share of road transport - 267,190 tons of sea transport - 63,140 tons of cargo air transport - 49,340 tons. - 17D-

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