Insurance against accidents at work will be less commercial

If at the end of the first quarter of last year compulsory insurance of real estate was at 10%, this year, a quarter of property owners to insure their property. Compulsory insurance covered 90% of the cars - said today the MPs and journalists the head of the State Insurance Supervision Service of the Ministry of Finance Namik Khalilov.

According to him, the law On Mandatory Types of Insurance needs to be amended. Accidents at work should not be isolated, and combined into a single law to accumulation of Finance Bureau of compulsory insurance. In addition, the feasibility of Khalilov expressed connect to network information office is not only the three life insurance companies, but also to all members of the local insurance market.

Head of Service believes that innovation will help to develop the position of refunds from insurance claims. There is approximately four-fold difference between the premiums and benefit companies in Azerbaijan. At the end of last year, there was collected 342.52 mln, and paid 93.86 million manat.

The worst performance is on compulsory insurance against accidents and illnesses in the workplace. Despite the fact that this item belongs to social insurance, for 3 specialist companies it has turned into an exclusive source of profit - in 2012, premiums amounted to 21.73 million, and the payments - 1.18 million manat with a difference of 18.4 times. - 17D-


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