Local insurance companies are increasingly part of the Russian sphere of interest "Concord"

The share capital of Azerbaijani insurance reinsurance portfolio of the insurance company "Concord" (Russia) is small - only 2.67% or AZN 1 million (40 million).

According to the head of the local office of the Russian financial team Emin Aslanov Baku insurers for full disclosure willing to explore the possibilities of integrating the Moscow experience in the insurance business. Is the second group of representatives from local companies appealed to the office to pass practical training in Moscow.

The first group this spring has passed practical training mainly on the themes of automobile insurance agency network organizations and other classes for interested companies were free.

Aslanov, since the beginning of (representation "Concorde" was registered in the Ministry of Taxes of Azerbaijan June 19, 2012), the company has entered into with the ten leaders of the local insurance market is about 100 contracts of nearly 1 million manat.

The main characteristics of the Russian insurer are the major risks for insurance of large property, construction works, transport and insurance of exclusive cars. - 17D-


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