More foreign labor

The number of foreigners taken to a personal account in the State Fund of Social Protection (SSPF), in the meantime increased.

According to the press service of the fund, the total amount registered in the State Fund "Legion" was 14 thousand 864 people. In comparison with indicators on April 1 last year, when the number of registered "guest workers" was 13 thousand 744 people, it is more by 8.1%. This does not mean that the involvement of the workforce becomes more than just improving the mechanisms of its registration and accounting.

Total labor immigrants in Azerbaijan from 97 (as of 1 January, it was 96) countries. Palm is Turkey - 8 thousand 640 people. The system of personal registration in second place Georgia - 1 thousand 659 people, a third line by the Russian Federation - 756 workers.

For lovers of statistics we inform you that following with a considerable margin are Iran - 487, India - 352, China - 338, United Kingdom - 218, Uzbekistan - 174, Bosnia and Herzegovina - 128 people, Pakistan - 139 people.

From the Philippines written in the SSPF are 117 people, 132 are from Germany, Ukraine - 125, Malaysia - 90 Turkmenistan - 101, Kazakhstan - 97, Italy - 81, USA - 87 people, etc.

According to the fund, currently only a tenth of foreigners who are registered, are women.

The process of attracting foreigners to pay compulsory insurance began January 1, 2006. - 17D-


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