Master plan for Masalli obsolete in three years

Design institutes Gosglavproekt and Azerarhproekt started to develop a new master plan of the district center Masalli. The current Master Plan was approved by the city just three years ago.

Masalli city located 232 km from Baku in the south, is one of the fastest growing regions. The main sphere of industrial activity is the production of furniture. In 2011, the government approved the main city town planning document, which was prepared in 2007 by 20-year-old period.

According to the State Committee for Architecture and Urban Planning, until 2027, the territory of Masalli is planned to expand from 848 to 1,400 hectares, and its population is expected to increase from 22 300 to 40 000 people. The housing stock of the city at the same time grow more than three times and reached 720 000 m2.

The State Committee has not commented on the urgency of the need arise in the new General Plan. For the development of a new Master Plan, AZN 118,000 has been allocated from the state budget for 2014.

There are currently 28 General Plans of cities and 9 plans are at the development stage. --08B--

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