May pleases with deflation

With the advent of May in Azerbaijan once again there was a decline in food prices, which contributed to the deflation process in relation to April.

According to the observations of the State Statistics Committee, in May food products fell by an average of 1.9%. Prices of non-food goods and services to the population remained relatively stable.

In May, prices fell for many seasonal fruits and vegetables (early plums, strawberries, eggplants, beans, potatoes, peppers, greens, cucumbers and tomatoes). The prices of buckwheat, beef and chicken, fish and fish products, eggs and dairy products went down.

There has been a rise in prices for rice, pasta, noodles, butter and olive oil, carrots, apples, lemons, beets and other foods.

Traditionally, from May to August in Azerbaijan recorded deflation in relation to the previous month. In the summer of 2013 deflation was 0.3-0.7% per month. - 08D-


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