Consideration of appeal from Yadigar Sadikhov postponed

The meeting of the Shirvan Court of Appeal scheduled for today to consider the complaint from the adviser to the leader of the party Musavat, Yadigar Sadikhov, sentenced for 6 years was  delayed until July 1.

 According to his lawyer, Neymat Kerimli, the official reason for postponing was personal problems of one of the judges. However, according to the lawyer, the true reason was the desire to delay the consideration of the appeal.

* Yadigar Sadikhov was arrested on June 27, 2013 on the complaint of a local resident Rashid Karimov, who claimed that on June 25 Sadikhov beat him in a teahouse in Lankaran. The statement by Kerimov was reprinted in the pro-government and state media before Sadikhov’s detention. On January 13, 2014 Sadikhov was sentenced to six years' imprisonment.

Human rights organizations believe that Sadikhov is persecuted for political reasons for opposition activities and social network activity.

The Institute of Peace and Democracy honored him with a human rights award named after Isakhan Ashurov. -16B-

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