Minister on the implementation of the state budget in January - September

Yesterday there was a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers on the results of socioeconomic development in January-September this year and the challenges ahead. A report on the operational data for the execution of the state budget was made by the Minister of Finance Samir Sharifov.

According to him, during the reporting period, state budget revenues were fulfilled by 101.2% (14.71 billion manat). The share of the Ministry of Taxes amounted to 36.2% or 5 billion 324 million manat. The non-oil sector provided 4 billion 454 million manat (30.28%).

State budget expenditures amounted to 12 billion 694 million manat (execution at 86%). Of these, 24.3% or 3.82 billion manat fell on social expenses, and investment from the state budget amounted to 4 billion 172 million manat. According to the said position, 1 billion 401 million manat was given to the construction and reconstruction of social and cultural facilities and community purpose, 2 billion 184 million manat was given to the construction and reconstruction of energy, water, gas, transportation, utilities, drainage and other infrastructure , 545 million manat was given to defense projects and other assignments, and 44 million manat was given to finance investment projects in the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic.

The implementation of measures in the framework of the state program on socio-economic development of the regions of Azerbaijan for 2014-2018 was 1 billion 292 million manat. There was put into operation a number of sites, including the largest in the Caucasus and Central Asia,  new terminal of the International Airport named after Heydar Aliyev and the Baku International Sea Trade Port Complex possessing exceptional value in terms of strengthening the country's transit potential.

The Minister also announced the completion of the construction of the power plants Arpachay-1 and Arpachay-2 and the new administrative building of the international airport in Nakhchivan.

Under the state program of socio-economic development of Baku and its settlements in 2014-2016 years, the construction of inter-village roads and other necessary financing activities from the state budget has been allocated 257 million manat, including 29 million from the Reserve Fund of the President of Azerbaijan for the start of construction of inter-village roads. As part of the gasification of the country this year there has been allocated 60 million manat, and in general the amount of funds allocated for the implementation of this program was brought to 620 million manat.

In order to supply the country's population (including Nakhchivan) with drinking water, from the beginning of the year there has been spent 256 million manat.

Budgetary funds also continued branching activities in the economy, the development of non-oil sector, the financing of the subsidized sale (prices increase from 50 to 70%) of agricultural fertilizers that are used in the cultivation of acreage.

Recall budget revenues of AR for that financial year was estimated at 18 billion 384 million manat, and the expenses - 20 billion 63 million manat. --17D-

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