Passengers will be insured on a mandatory basis


The order of security in road transport has been amended. According to the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan №280 and №281 of August 15, the amendments are to enter into force from the date of publication.

Document №280 changed the rules of carriage of goods by road, adopted by decision №142 17 September 2009. According to them, truck owners will voluntarily insure their civil liability.

Document №281 changed the rules of road transport of passengers and baggage, approved by the №141 decision of 17 September 2009. The insurance became mandatory from voluntary. Now, the civil liability of passenger vehicles and private passenger insurance against accidents is carried out in accordance with the law on compulsory insurance. In addition, the drivers of these funds shall be subject to compulsory insurance against accidents at work and occupational diseases.

    Insurance services for passenger carriers will be provided in the Bureau of Compulsory Insurance. -17D-

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