Population spent 18% of its revenues on accumulation?

From January to October, the average income per capita in Azerbaijan amounted to 321.14 manat, which is 4.6% less than last year (336.6 manat). In this case, the nominal incomes were higher than last year by 4%.

According to the State Statistics Committee, in September, the nominal income per capita was 330.4 manat. The best indicator was registered in March - 367.4 manat.

The scale officially recognized that real incomes also went down. In February, they were at the level of AZN 395.2, in July – AZN 314.8 and in September - 299.9 manat.

For the purchase of goods and services the population spent 70.1% of its revenues, or 19 045 200 000 manat, for the payment of taxes, duties, social and insurance fees and credits it spent 11.8% or 3 205 900 000 manat, and the other 18.1% or 4 917 500 000 AZN was focused on the accumulation and purchase of freely convertible currency.

Not surprisingly, the State Statistics Committee uses the average statistics, but without mentioning the percentage of the population without an opportunity to accumulate money.

In the last 2 months the topic of interest expense on loans was closed, and rightly so, because extremely understated figures were given. According to the State Statistics Committee for January-July, people in this position spent 2.6% of their revenue. According to the Central Bank, as of October 1, 40.6% of bank lending accounted for households and the category of "population" accounted for 29.5% of bank deposits. --17D-

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