Profitability of CBA jumped to 2.65% per annum

Short-term notes of the Central Bank of Azerbaijan (CBA) series 50105234S at the total amount of AZN 10 million were posted in the auction, which took place December 26, 2012.

The announced offer was 30 million manat, put up for sale were notes for AZN 10 million, and the total demand for them from five investors exceeded 19.5 mln at face value. Orders were presented in price range from 99.9067% (YTM 1.20%) to 99.7941% (2.65).

Price cut for competitive bids in the CBA is at 99.7941% (2.65%) and the weighted average price is at 99.8544% (1.87%)

Repayment of the notes will be on 23 January 2013. At the previous auction of the Central Bank notes were sold at a price of 1.42% per annum. - 15D -


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