Reduce targeted assistance to low-income families by increasing their level of employment

Targeted social assistance is not only economically disadvantageous (still issued from the state budget of about 1 billion manat), but also prevents people to be active and initiative - believe in the leadership of the Center for Economic Research.

According to the Chairman of the Board CEI Ghalib Togrul, such a conclusion can do to start on the day the project "Self - monitoring of social assistance and to promote improved access to employment income families." As part of the study of the poor citizens there were investigated the Nizami district of the capital and Khachmaz.

Digit growth with the last 7 years is not a guarantee of enriching needy citizens, primarily because the socially oriented 117 manat only support the physiological existence. Increases in the number of those who seek to "grab" the government has the money, evidenced by the fact that a fifth of getting the "coveted list" of citizens - veterans of the social sphere, recipient for the 5th time.

The Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare has developed a pilot project to maintain themselves in the rural Jalilabad, Balakan, Masallin, Ismailli and Tovuz, as well as the Nizami district of Baku. Until the end of 2012 jobs (mostly craft) were provided to 271 families of the 13 regions, which indicates weak promotion of socially sound ideas.

Ghalib Tughril believes that the need to raise public awareness about the employment of poor families who do not know where to apply their skills and work skills.

A few days ago the President of Azerbaijan announced the following figures - the poverty rate of 6%, with 123 thousand families receive targeted social assistance (an average of 117 manat). - 17D-


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