Saudi Development Fund to finance water supply and sewerage of Khirdalan

During the visit of the Azerbaijani government delegation to Saudi Arabia the sides agreed on a draft loan agreement for the financing of a project to improve and expand water and sanitation in the Khirdalan town. Turan was told by JSC Azersu (state operator for water and sewer services).

According to a preliminary intergovernmental agreement, the Saudi Fund for Development for this project will provide a $ 35 million discount.

The credit agreement is provided to modernize the water supply and sanitation in Khirdalan in the second half of this year.

The project is planned to provide water to the city of the Jeyranbatan complex water treatment plants. This is achieved by construct three reservoirs with a capacity of 20 thousand cubic meters each. In the town, 159 km of water mains will be built. They will also build a new sewer, which will direct the runoff of sewage waters to the Lokbatan sewage treatment station with a capacity of 200 thousand m3 per day in Lokbatan, Baku.

For gravity of the flow of water a seven-kilometer-long tunnel-type collector is built from Khirdalan to the village Khojasan. Today, the city sewage enters the Hovsan aeration station. Work is expected to be completed by the end of 2014. The project will improve the water supply of 100 thousand inhabitants Khirdalan.

Saudi Development Fund funds several water projects in Azerbaijan. - 08D-


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