Shares of Holcim-Azerbaycan inflated 6.9 times

The cost of shares of Holcim (Azerbaycan), the largest manufacturer of construction cement in Azerbaijan increased by 6.9 times: this was preceded by announcement of dividend payments for 2013.

According to BSE, a deal passed on the purchase and sale of 261 shares of Holcim (Azerbaycan) on April 25. Its cost was 99,963 manat or 383 manat per share. Prior to this transaction on shares of JSC concluded on the stock exchange, 55.37 manat, with par - 20 manat.

The sharp increase in the share price as contrary to exchange rules (according to the regulations of BSE, the transaction price per share may not exceed 20 % of the previous one) and regulations of the State Committee for Securities.

Holcim ltd (Switzerland) owns 66 % of shares of Holcim (Azerbaycan). The company sold 10 % stake to the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the state-run Azerbaijan Investment Company. Holcim Auslandbeteiligungs GmbH owns 3.62 % of the shares. Shareholders are also about 600 individuals and entities (10.38 %).

At a meeting in March this year, the general meeting of shareholders of Holcim (Azerbaycan) announced the payment of dividends at the rate of 32 manat per share. The process of paying dividends has not started.

Total in 1998 was issued 1,590,644 shares. -08B-

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