Solvency of entrepreneurs decreased significantly

Central Bank of Azerbaijan in the January-March issue of money realized it in the amount of 356.7 million (2.06 times more than by 1 April of last year).

According to the CBA, the total cash receipts to the banks during this period amounted to 9,246,597,000 manat (8.58 %). The largest share of the operations of the banks with individuals and legal entities was 5,691,754,000 manat, revenues from legal entities amounted to 2,081,696,000 manat (+31.96 %), individuals - 767.351 million manat (growth of 19.11 %), and a small share of the proceeds comes under < other items >.

Total cash flow through the banks amounted to 8,689,354,000 manats (+5.62 %). In this segment, the lead bank charges on transactions with legal entities and individuals - 3,733,250,000 million (+ 8.98 %) followed by operations through ATMs - 2,643,220,000 manats (+18.25 %).

By a tenth (minus 10.36 %) - to 2,068,066,000 manat reduced payments by legal entities and natural persons - entrepreneurs. - 17D-

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