Samaxi factory household machines upgraded and preparing for re-branding

The Shamakhi factory of household machines Group Evsen Group of Companies has suspended its work , and now here is being replaced on the production lines of modern equipment . Conveyor production will begin in the summer.

The company is reviewing strategic planning and distribution channels. It is expected that the modernization will increase the number of components for the production of household appliances more than 50%. There will also changes in the lineup produced goods - household refrigerators , air conditioners, televisions , etc., the company said.

Currently under survey among customers is to change brands of Shamakhi household appliances that were previously produced under Elite and Star.

According to the State Statistics Committee, within three months of this year was carried out in Azerbaijan assembly 113 TV sets, 98.4 % less than in the comparable period in 2013 , on 1 April 3600 accumulated warehouses TVs. Domestic air conditioners were not issued . In this storage remains higher than 2100 pieces.

Shamakhi Azerelektronika appliances factory was built in 2005-2008.

In 2013, Azerbaijan produced air conditioners - 9435 pieces ( 64.8 %) , household refrigerators - 6662 ( 29 % ) and TV - 24,372 units ( +1.7 %).

According to the State Customs Committee , in 2013 Azerbaijan imported about 140 000 different types of refrigerators total declared value of $ 34.4 million in the first quarter of this year, imports increased by 2.3 times . It was also delivered from abroad in 2013, 29,500 air conditioners ( $ 17.1 million ) . - 08B-

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