SSC - Airline Tickets Become Cheaper in July

The tariffs for passenger traffic with the CIS countries decreased in July by an average of 8.3%, with other countries - 4.8%. It is reported by the State Statistics Committee of Azerbaijan.

The state airline CJSC Azerbaijan Airlines (AZAL) after prolonged pressure on social networks went into decline in the price list tickets for 34 international airlines, on average by 20-30%. Even the four air routes (Istanbul, Moscow, Dubai and Antalya) were introduced low-cost - 99 euros in one direction. His attitude to the prices of airline tickets AZAL expressed and President Ilham Aliyev, who requested to look into this and take appropriate action.

However, in July the passengers were flying at high prices, since the new tariffs for flights to take effect from 1 August.

Note that, due to the expensive price of the national air transport, many citizens of Azerbaijan in order to save money are forced to use the airport Tbilisi (Georgia) as a point of departure. 08D

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