Still low share of payments in the life insurance segment

Due to the widening of corporate contracts compulsory insurance disability individuals from accidents and occupational diseases. In January-June total prize three specialized local insurers amounted to AZN 18,875,050 (7.1% as of 1 July 2013).

According to the State Insurance Supervision Service of the Ministry of Finance in June there were the least fees – 1,418,922.48 manat - as a rule, this type of insurance is half-filled in Q1, then premiums are collected by inertia.

The share of payments in the segment (1 138 124.12 manat) was minuscule - 6.03%, with a tendency to increase (+79.7% per year).

The law "On mandatory insurance of disability individuals from accidents and occupational diseases" operating since December 2010. According to the decision of the Cabinet AR, all economic activities are divided into 14 levels of risk. Based on this level of risk, determined the size of the insurance rate for employees and workers in the enterprise, which ranges from 0.2% to 2% depending on the risk level of the enterprise.

According to the law the insurance rate is calculated to payroll at the company. The law provides for three types of insurance payment: monthly, single and extra. -17D-

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