Think Before You Take Bank Loan

The problem of non-performing loans was a signal for the campaign "Think before you borrow» ( The international action was joined by the microfinance non-banking organization VF AzerKredit. Previously, the list included EKI, Leader, MiBospoandParner (Bosnia and Herzegovina), SISCredit (Bulgaria), Crystal (Georgia), AFK (Kosovo), Baytushum (Kyrgyzstan), Horizonti (Macedonia), Microinvest (Moldova), XacBank (Mongolia) AgroInvest (Serbia and Montenegro), Vitas (Romania), MDFandOpportunityBank (Serbia), BankEskhataandImon (Tajikistan), Hope (Ukraine) and others. As it can be seen, the developed countries are not represented in the list.

According to local financial institutions, the international initiative is intended to attract the attention of at least 150 thousand debtors to 24 financial institutions from 15 countries of Europe and Central Asia. As planned by the organizers, in the foreground there is institutional and personal responsibility, that is, the debtor is required to calculate the level of risk for a personal budget, and for society.

VF AzerKredit within a month will offer to get a loan and answer questions about how to determine the required amount, what is the possibility of repayment, how understandable the terms are and what to do in the event of dissatisfaction with the bank.

Information is provided on the relevant page of the site structure of microfinance, as well as its official profiles on social networks Facebook and Twitter. --17D-

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