Unsinkable only 100% foreign insurer

The volume of insurance premiums collected for the first quarter of this year, the company Chartis Azerbaijan, increased in comparison with the figure for the corresponding period last year 48 thsd manat (9.7%), amounting to 495.37 thousand manats.

According to the company, in the structure of earnings premium for property insurance against fire and other risks amounted to 161.42 thsd manat, which is almost one third (32.6%) of all premiums.

Cargo insurance harvested 62.1 thsd manat. At this year's top spot for the third year in a row popped liability to third parties. For example, professional liability insurance collected 227.95 thsd manat and general liability - 32.23 thsd manat, employers' liability insurance - 9.27 thsd manat.

Once on the strongest position (insurance against accidents and diseases) are collected only 2.4 thsd manat.

All claims made AZN 367.06 thsd. Almost all of the payments were made by fire and other risks related to property - 365.7 thousand manats.

This year, due to lack of membership in the Bureau of Compulsory Insurance is not collected premiums for compulsory insurance, and insurance is not made payments on insurance claims.

The insurance company Chartis Azerbaijan has been operating in Azerbaijan since 1999. Previously, instead there were a subsidiary of AIG (American International Group), providing services of general insurance (other than life insurance) in Azerbaijan.

Now, instead of an organization with 49 per cent of the British American capital structure with 100% foreign (English) capital (filed October 15, 2010), which provides services for 10 types of insurance.

The authorized capital of the company amounts to 6 million 786.5 thousand manats. - 17D-


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