US UOP company submitted its proposals on reconstruction of main technological units at oil refineries to SOCAR

The US UOP company has presented to SOCAR its proposals on reconstruction and upgrade of the main technological installations of the Baku-based oil refinery Heydar Aliyev, reads the official web site of SOCAR.

SOCAR reported that in order to improve quality of the oil refinery’s products and make oil products up to the European standards, it is planned to reconstruct several catalytic cracking, ELOU AVT-6 and catalytic reforming installations.

“UOP delegation has recently visited oil refinery and met with the administration of the plant. Director of the oil refinery Elman Ismaylov said that the goal of the refinery is to manufacture oil products up to the European standards. UOP delegation has submitted its proposals on this issue,” said the same source.

Representatives of the US company have also organized the presentation of the volume of works to be done to upgrade and reconstruct the main technological insntallations at the oil refinery and construction of new installations.

* Heydar Aliyev oil refinery of SOCAR refines about 5 million tons of oil and specializes in manufacture of fuel.—0—

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