Volume of transactions on the BSE significantly exceeded 7 billion manat

Baku Stock Exchange (BSE) issued a press release on the total turnover of transactions on all instruments in January-September this year.

According to the trading floor, the volume of transactions in absolute terms by October 1 was 7 billion 366 million 109.6 thousand manat (+ 39.9% by the same date last year). Of the total turnover, 55.14% of all transactions accounted for by government securities, which amounted to 4 billion 61 million 946.84 thousand manat (minus 7.38%), to deal in the corporate sector - 3 billion 304 million 162.77 thousand manat (an increase of 3.76 times).

In the reporting period in the primary market, the volume of placement issued by the Ministry of Finance was 62 million 560.24 thousand manat (minus 7.73%) and in the secondary market it was 22 million 277.14 thousand manat (+ 23.98%) .

In the primary market, short-term notes of the Central Bank placement volume amounted to 133 million 73.32 thousand manat (minus 43.35%) and in the secondary market it was 307 million 811.96 thousand manat (an increase of 7 times).

Repo transactions in January-September 2014 amounted to 3 billion 536 million 224.18 thousand manat (decline of 12.06%).

The volume of corporate bond placements by October 1 in the primary market amounted to 1 billion 894 million 215.06 thousand manat (an increase of 22.67 times), and on the secondary market it was 604 million 408.83 thousand manat (+31.86 %).

The stock exchange offering of shares was in the amount of 802 million 126.46 thousand manat (an increase of 2.48 times), and on the secondary market it was 3 million 412.73 thousand manat (minus 76.07%). --17D-

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