Water deficit in Azerbaijan and ways to solve problem

Water deficit in Azerbaijan and ways to solve problem

Baku is hosting the International Exhibition and Conference on Water Management.

Water deficit is one of the main problems in Azerbaijan: limited water resources, growing population, climate change and inefficient use of water all aggravate the situation. Thus, due to inefficient use, losses in irrigation systems reach 70 percent. In turn, the discharge of wastewater without treatment leads to the pollution of rivers and reservoirs.

It ought to be noted that water deficit negatively affects agriculture, reduces crop yields, while pollution of water sources leads to environmental degradation.

The aim of the exhibition and conference is to find innovative solutions to water problems. Chairman of the State Water Resources Agency of Azerbaijan Zaur Mikailov said at the opening ceremony that the international event will create a basis for the introduction of new technologies in this sector in Azerbaijan, as well as further expand co-operation between local and foreign companies. Asad Shirinov, advisor to the chairman of the State Water Resources Agency, said that approximately 25-30 percent of the country's surface water resources are located in the territory of Karabakh.

According to him, during the occupation our hydro-technical objects were vandalised, and now their repair is being carried out: "Repair and restoration works of Khachinchay reservoir in Aghdam, Sugovushan in Terter and Kondalanchay reservoir in Fizuli have been completed. Repair and rehabilitation works of Sarsang reservoir in Agder will start soon. Along with this, there are also 4 other projects.

With that consideration, the new reservoirs will be built using the water of our Karabakh's high-water rivers. Thus, we will achieve utilisation of water from Karabakh. both on its territory and in Aran zone".
Shirinov noted that Azerbaijan's surface water resources shrank from 30 billion cubic metres in 1960-90 to 17 billion cubic metres in 2022.

"We have about 8 billion cubic metres of underground water resources. Part of them is in Karabakh," he said, expressing hope in maximising the formation of surface and underground water resources in Azerbaijan.

Thus, among the effective ways to solve the problems are the introduction of water-saving technologies in agriculture and households, reconstruction of water supply networks and irrigation systems, construction and modernisation of treatment facilities, and restoration of infrastructure in the liberated territories.

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