What is behind the requirements of residents of Sovetskaya Street?

The recently started demolitions along the avenue Narimanov (former Sovetskaya) capital not only once again influenced the rise in prices , but also caused the first protests. On Sunday, about 5 thousand people held a rally in front of the school number 173 in relation to compensation for unfair eviction.

Many of them huddle on documented registered area of 10 to 20 m. Based on the 1,500 AZN per square meter, these people are at risk of becoming homeless or relocating to the village, so they want up to 2,500 manats. The cheapest accommodation on the outskirts of the city, put up for sale February 10 - is a studio apartment without repair in the Khazar district for 22,500 manats. So, behind the requirements of the residents of the street stands the fear of remaining homeless.

A real estate expert from the public association Property Market Participants Rovshan Talybzadeh, commenting on the situation for Turan, said that demand for housing has increased due compensation for eviction and real mortgage. Neither developers nor the secondary housing market have kept up with those who need homes. Also, there is a layer of wealthy people (a large part of civil servants , law enforcement officials and prosecutors , businessmen, the middle tier of the oil sector , the Azerbaijanis from CIS countries) , buying up several apartments just in case. According to him, residents evicted from districts of the capital (except Sovetskaya Street, these are former Khutor (Farm settlement), Kubinka and Papanin Street) more than 10 years as notified of the upcoming changes . But they did not heed the warnings , including prohibitions on the reconstruction of housing and creating extensions .

According to the director of consulting company Nusrat Ibrahimov , rising prices for primary and secondary housing markets Baku due to the growth of financial savings and the possibility of a solid consumer lending . Even those who receive unfair , in their opinion , compensation, take the remaining amount in banks, sometimes with relatives, and also go into the housing market . And yet - for someone 1,5 thousand manats ( $ 1.9 thsd) per square meter is a low level , but the price and a higher standard of living in Baku spurs inhabitants of the regions where housing costs are much lower to move to the outskirts of the capital. In addition, the rise in prices affects sinusoidal economic development ( housing price hike cycle - 2012-2020 - touched not only Turkey, Russia, Georgia, Central Asia, but even Armenia ) .

According to Turan, one of the most important factors of price increase is a sharp reduction in the number of players in the construction sector . The primary housing market includes almost no "people's house " but since the 1990s , preference is given to buildings for "premium" and " elites." This led to the fact that in the fourth quarter of 2010, the official prices for metropolitan housing market rose by 3% , in 2011 - 6 %, and in 2012 - 9.8%. Last year, the secondary housing market growth was 20% and in the primary market - 28%. This year it is expected to rise in price by another 6-10%.

Most people in Sovetskaya Street are Bakuvians of the 30- ies of the last century. In this abandoned , unlike Torgovaya and Inner city , part of downtown living is the fourth and even fifth generation of people. They are even mentally ready for the eviction 20 - 30 kilometers from their natural habitat . Whether the Government will include in their position or as in the case with the inhabitants of the street Fizuli, M. Aliyev and Sh.Badalbeyli will arrest stubborn owners of the bulldozed houses even at night disconnecting water, gas and electricity?

At the protest rally on Sunday it was announced that the former residents of the street waiting for the reaction of the Soviet authorities during the week. Parallel to preparing an appeal to the head of state to solve the problem once the benefit of all , rather than individually , and in the courts. Along this street (according to the State Committee for Architecture and Urban Planning , an area of ??40 ha) is home to 10 thousand families. Most single-storey houses built with yards 80-120 years ago.

Initially, the house will be demolished up to the Drama Theatre and the Nariman Narimanov monument, then the demolition will touch structures located above - until Javid Park and Avenues Javid and Builders . Completion of the work is not defined. - 17D-


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