Who and How Much Will Get from State Budget?

The revenues to the consolidated budget of Azerbaijan in 2018 will amount to 23 billion 223.2 million manat. This figure exceeds last year"s index by 246 million manat. This is stated in the presentation of the draft state and consolidated budgets of Azerbaijan for 2018 by the Finance Ministry.

The submission says that the total budget expenditures in 2018 are planned at 26.674 billion manat. The expenditures are less than the previous year"s index by 3 billion 895 million manat. In the budget for 2018, AZN 8,512.8 million manat is envisaged for financing programs and activities. Expenses in this direction in comparison with the previous year are 62.2% more. Socially directed expenditures in the budget will amount to 7 billion 4.8 million manat (33.5%). This indicator is 2% higher than it was last year.

Science, Education, Health...

The share of science expenditures in the state budget for 2018 is only 0.6% (128 million manat). However, this indicator is AZN 9.5 million higher than last year"s index.

The draft budget says these funds will be spent on basic scientific research.

As for the education budget, its share of the total budget is just over 2 billion manat. Education expenses in comparison with 2017 will increase by 11%, and in comparison with 2016 they will grow by 14%.

In the state budget for 2018, health expenditures will amount to 740 million manat - 3.5% of the total.

Expenditure for pensions and benefits will decrease. In 2018, it is planned to allocate 2 billion 197 million manat for pensions, allowances, targeted social assistance, and payments to internally displaced persons (IDPs). In comparison with 2017, this is 6.6% less.

Sports Expenses Will Increase

The budget for 2018 will increase spending on culture and sports. Expenses in these spheres will amount to 1.5% of the total budget (AZN 304 million). In comparison with 2017, the costs will increase by 7.7%.

Costs of Law Enforcement Agencies to Increase, Too

The costs of maintaining the defense, security, judiciary and law enforcement agencies and the prosecutor"s offices are about 20 percent of the budget. In this direction it is planned to allocate 4 billion 68.3 million manat. This figure is 5.2% higher than last year"s index.

The defense and security spheres will be spent 2 billion 738 million manat (3.7% more than in 2017), and the courts, the prosecutor"s offices and the law enforcement agencies will be spent 1 billion 329 million manat (8.6% more than in 2017).

AZN 166 Million for Transportation and Communications, Including 55 Million for Azercosmos...

The state budget provides AZN 656 million for agriculture, forestry, fishing, hunting, and environmental protection, which is 27% more than last year.

The sphere of transport and communications will be allocated AZN 166 million in 2018, including AZN 55 million for Azercosmos OJSC.

Expenses for State Debts...

The public debt expenses will significantly increase. The draft budget provides for 2 billion 263 million manat for state debts and official expenses. This figure is 621 million manat more than in 2017. In the draft budget, this increase is explained with the improvement of the International Bank of Azerbaijan.--0--

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