Why delay the payment of pensions?

Ends the second decade of January, and pensioners can not get a pension. Financial experts believe that it is "scrolling" Finance. The State Social Protection Fund (SSPF), they do not agree with this approach.

According to the spokesperson of the State Social Protection Fund Elman Babayev, delays associated with the transition to IBAN - new standardization system of inter-bank payments, which allows speeding up and reducing the cost of inter-bank payments. Innovation can also be integrated into the system of inter-bank payments internationally, using the IBAN code of the American system of inter-bank payments.

Babayev told Turan that today in the evening the technical problem will be resolved, and from Monday on pensioners will receive pensions across the country as usual. The Fund, knowing about the transition to the new payment system, could be prepared for it, in the interests of the poor, living on pensions for retirement.

IBAN (International Bank Account Number) is № 13616 standard of the International Organization for Standardization ISO (International Organization for Standardization) [1] and the European Committee for Banking Standards ECBS, European Committee for Banking Standards. - 17D-


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