Stock photo: Swedish fla

Stock photo: Swedish fla

Ukrayinska Pravda:   Ulf Kristersson, Prime Minister of Sweden, has commented on Russia's intentions to take "military and technical measures" in response to the country's imminent entry into NATO.

Source: European Pravda, citing Kristersson in an interview with Swedish news agency ТТ

On 27 February, the Russian Embassy in Stockholm released a lengthy statement commenting on the approval of Sweden's accession by all Alliance members.

In it, Russia expresses its indignation at the decision of the Swedish government to abandon neutrality and mentions a series of historical figures who had previously opposed this decision ("forgetting" that Moscow's full-scale aggression against Ukraine prompted Sweden's decision).

The essence of the response from Russian diplomats is outlined in the last two paragraphs, where they promise, on behalf of the Russian Federation, to "take countermeasures of a political and military nature to minimise threats to their national security."

"Their [the countermeasures – ed.] specific content will depend on the conditions and degree of Sweden's integration into NATO, including possible deployment of Alliance troops, ammunition, and armaments in this country," they concluded.

Swedish PM Kristersson, commenting on this statement, called the Russian embassy's response expected. "It was the same when Finland joined NATO. It is well known that Russia does not like the fact that both Sweden and Finland will become NATO members, but it is up to us to decide," he added.

Kristersson noted that Sweden is already experiencing cyberattacks and attempts at influence from Russia, but he added that the authorities are prepared, and they can see what the Russians are doing.

As reported, Sweden's final acquisition of NATO membership is once again being artificially delayed because Hungary has not yet sent its ratification document to Washington, explaining this delay as being due to the presidential elections in their country.

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