The Kremlin promised to see what could be confiscated in response to the West

РБК: Western attempts to use frozen Russian assets to help Kyiv cannot but have consequences. This was stated by the press secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov, an RBC correspondent reports. Moscow will also look at what it can confiscate in response, and will do so immediately, the Kremlin spokesman noted.

“Potentially, this topic is unacceptable for us; it is potentially extremely dangerous for the global financial system. Because if such plans are implemented, this will be a very serious blow to the entire coordinate system of the international financial system,” he emphasized.

Peskov assured that in the event of confiscation of assets, Russia will never leave those who did it alone and will constantly exercise its right to judicial, international, national and other challenges. According to him, “this will have legal consequences for those who initiated and implemented it.”

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