US and UK strikes on Yemen

РБК:  The United States and allies struck more than 60 targets: radars, air defense systems, warehouses and launch sites for drones and missiles, the US Central Command said.

Representatives of the Houthis said that the strikes hit several targets in Yemen, CNN reported. These include Al-Dailami airbase north of the capital Sanaa, an area near Hodeida international airport in western Yemen, a Houthi base in Saada province in the north of the country, and Taiz international airport in the southwest.

Russia has requested a meeting of the UN Security Council. Iran called the strikes against the Houthis in Yemen arbitrary and a violation of the country's sovereignty.

Washington and London carried out the strikes with the support of a coalition that was assembled late last year to protect shipping in the Red Sea from increasing attacks by the Houthis. The rebels vowed to continue attacking the ships despite US and allied strikes on their positions.

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