Activist of “Musavat”  party arrested for 10 days

Activist of “Musavat”  party arrested for 10 days

Goshgar Nuraly, Deputy Chairman of the Bilasuvar regional  organization of the “Musavat” party was arrested administratively for 10 days. He was detained on June 20 in the village of Khirmandaly, where he lives. The next day, the Bilasuvar regional Court sentenced him to 10 days of administrative arrest, finding him guilty of "disobeying the police," Chairman of the “Musavat” Majlis Arif Hajili told Turan. According to him, Nuraly did not commit an administrative offense.

"The reason is different.  He was arrested for posting on social media about MP Bahruz Maharramov. Goshgar Nuraly protested against Bahruz Maharramov's speech in parliament with allegations about the people's movement (in the form of a protest movement against the Soviet regime in the late 1980s and early 1990s), which are not true," Hajily said.

The Interior Ministry could not be reached for comment.

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