Afiyaddin Mammadov told the court how he was slandered

Afiyaddin Mammadov told the court how he was slandered

On Tuesday, trade union activist Afiyaddin Mammadov testified at the Baku Serious Crimes Court and linked his arrest to trade union activities. Mammadov recalled that after a protest by food delivery couriers in front of the Baku Police Headquarters on August 1, 2023, three trade union activists were arrested. So, on August 4, Elvin Mustafayev was arrested, and on the 11th, Ayhan Israfilov. Mammadov himself was also subjected to administrative arrest in August.

As for the criminal case, Mammadov said that on September 20, 2023, he left the house to go to the wedding.  A man and a woman approached him. A man with a knife in his hand took him by the collar. He tried to knock out the knife, but cut his hand. An unknown person hit him in the face, Mammadov's nose bled and he fell, injuring his back. The man who attacked Mammadov tried to injure himself and two minutes later an ambulance and the police appeared.

At the same time, doctors did not help Mammadov. He was taken to the 34th police station, where they demanded to "confess" to the attack on the man.  After that, he was handcuffed and given a glass and a knife in his hands, and then fingerprints were taken from these objects. Only after that, a lawyer was allowed to see him. The trial will continue on May 13.

*Mammadov was detained on September 20 near his home after being attacked by an unknown person. Mammadov was accused of stabbing the attacker (Article 221.3 - hooliganism committed with a weapon) and 126.1 (intentional infliction of serious harm to health) of the Criminal Code.

Later, the charges were tightened – according to Articles 126.2.4 (intentional infliction of serious harm to health in a generally dangerous manner) and 228.4 (illegal arms trafficking).  He faces up to 11 years in prison. Human rights activists recognized Mammadov as a political prisoner.

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