After Caledonia, Azerbaijan is concerned about fate of French Polynesia

After Caledonia, Azerbaijan is concerned about fate of French Polynesia

A delegation of the Parliament of French Polynesia and the ruling Tavini Party has arrived in Baku.

Sources in Milli Majlis say that the delegates will discuss issues of inter-parliamentary cooperation between Azerbaijan and French Polynesia and other spheres.  Meetings are planned in Milli Majlis and other state bodies of the country.

Within the framework of the visit, a conference will be held on the theme: "French Polynesia's right to decolonisation: Challenges and Prospects".

The visit takes place at the invitation of the Baku Initiative Group working in the field of combating colonialism in the 21st century.

It should be reminded that Baku remembered the oppressed peoples of Caledonia and Polynesia after Paris took an openly pro-Armenian stance and accused Azerbaijan of violating the rights of Karabakh Armenians.  Before that, Baku was not interested in the fate of ‘unfortunate’ people 15,000 kilometres away from Azerbaijan, suffering from the colonial regime.

*French Polynesia is a group of islands in the South Pacific Ocean. Total area - 4167 km² (less than the territory of former Nagorno Karabakh), population - less than 300, 000 people. The administrative centre is the city of Papeete on the island of Tahiti (1,000 km²).

It is governed by the French High Commissioner. Local authorities are a Council of Ministers and a territorial assembly.

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