Agyl Humbatov was severely punished for wanting to be on the list of pardoned

Agyl Humbatov was severely punished for wanting to be on the list of pardoned

On June 10,  Aygun, the wife of political prisoner Agyl Humbatov, announced that she would hold a protest rally on June 11 if the administration of the Prison N2 did not clarify the fate of her husband. In the evening of the same day, the activist called home for the first time in 15 days,  Aygun Humbatova told Turan agency.

According to her, relatives of other convicts told her that her husband was put in a punishment cell for protesting against the absence of political prisoners on the list pardoned by the head of state in May. At the request of the wife to the Penitentiary Service about the fate of her husband, she was told that everything was fine with him.

"Yesterday, Agyl said on the phone that he asked for a meeting with the members of the pardon commission who came to the prison N2. The members of the commission did not accept him, and then Agyl protested, calling President I. Aliyev the culprit of the torment of political prisoners.  He was taken to another place, where several guards beat him along with another prisoner.  Then the beaten were taken to the central prison hospital. There they were kept naked on a concrete floor for one hour, after which Agyl was imprisoned in a punishment cell for 15 days.

Agyl was on hunger strike in the punishment cell for 15 days and only drank in sight.  He asked the head of the institution when he would be returned to the prison, but he was told that there was no instruction to return him back, he could only call home," A. Humbatova said.

For the second day, the Penitentiary Service did not answer Turan's written question about A.Humbatov's condition and the reason for his punishment. The chairman of the Popular Front Party of Azerbaijan, Ali Kerimli, called the placement of Humbatov in the punishment cell "a tightening of repression against political activists."

*Agyl Humbatov was sentenced to 10 years in prison in 2021 for wounding a neighbor with hooligan motives. The convict denies his guilt and claims that the charge is fabricated, he was punished for his active participation in opposition rallies.

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