Ali Karimli on the proposal of the authorities to meet

Baku / 10.03.20 / Turan: Adalat Veliyev, the head of the Presidential Administration for Relations with Political Parties, invited the leader of the Popular Front Party Ali Kerimli to a meeting.

According to Karimli, such a meeting should have a specific agenda, and include the release of political prisoners, ensuring freedom of assembly and electoral reform, setting a date for new parliamentary elections, Karabakh settlement and security.

Therefore, Karimli suggested going to a meeting with his deputy Seymour Hazy and discussing the subject of dialogue with Veliyev.

In turn, Seymour Hazy confirmed to Turan that he was ready to meet with Veliyev.

The authorities began a dialogue with representatives of the opposition immediately after the parliamentary elections. The first meeting took place with the leader of the People’s Party, Panah Huseyn, then with the leader of the REAL Ilgar Mammadov, there was also an invitation to the leadership of Musavat, but the meeting has not yet taken place.

What goals the authorities pursue is not difficult to say - this is the desire to convince political opponents to abandon the tough confrontation in exchange for certain preferences. -16D-


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