Ali Kerimli: security forces are instruments of repression of the ruling party

The government  is preventing the  conducting  regional conferences  by the Azerbaijan Popular Front Party (PPFA.)

Police disperses participants  of the meetings,  specifically learnt local people with the connivance of the authorities and law enforcement agencies often  make  physical pressure to the party members, and  damage  their property, said  the Head of the Popular Front Party Ali Kerimli  at  a press conference on June 20 in the Media Center of the Institute of Reporters Freedom and Safety.
 Over the past few months PPFA  conducted conferences in almost 30 regions. In seven cases, the party activists were physically attacked, their property was destroyed. "This action of the authorities can be called a system of repression," said Kerimli.
According to him, the activities are carried out in homes of activists,  and  Ilham Aliyev’s power is  afraid of it. For the past seven years, said Kerimli, the  PPFA  doe not have a central headquarters. "The authorities do not allow to  rent offices. However, the ruling party has its own office in every region, built at the expense of corrupt money, " said the head of PPFA.
 "The police has turned into a repressive organ of the ruling party, and serves only one political party. The prosecutor's office is to monitor the rule of law, and do not turn a blind eye to the crimes against members of the Popular Front. The party "Yeni Azerbaijan" was created in the period of the National Front. Time will come when the party will be in opposition. No power is  eternal, any party should be considered as a future power," said Kerimli.
    He called for an end to the "policy of imitation." "On the one hand, the authorities carry out activities, spending millions, thus demonstrating, tolerance of the country. On the other hand, they  crush the  political opposition. The ruling party holds its convention in solemn cases, and Popular Front activists  are pressured," said the head of the party. Noting that the opposition forces united in the National Council,  Kerimli called on these forces in the region to follow this example.
    "We are not afraid of repression, and we continuing our activities, conducting conferences in the regions. I call on all parties to organize, "said Kerimli. He believes that the National  Council will soon achieve the support of the people. Single candidate of the National Council  will become a single political force  of transition period.
  Responding to a question  if the National Council has candidate in reserve, in case  if Rustam Ibrahimbeyov  is  not registered as a presidential candidate,  and  is  not be allowed to Azerbaijan, Kerimli said the following. "If a single candidate of the National Council is not registered, the election can be considered non-alternative."
    Kerimli also  mentioned political arrests,  and said there are more than 80 political prisoners in the country. A veteran of the National Movement, Qurban Mammadov, was arrested third time on political motivation. "His arrest is  due to speeches revealing the power. All political prisoners every day must feel that they are protected, because it gives them strength," said Kerimli.  -03С04-

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