Aliya Yagublu is questioned in the case of “Toplum TV”

Aliya Yagublu is questioned in the case of “Toplum TV”

Aliya Yagublu, the presenter of the online edition of “Toplum TV,” was interrogated as a witness at the Baku Police Department for several hours on Thursday. Without revealing details, she told reporters that the interrogation concerned the activities of this publication. According to her, the very criminal prosecution of the publication's employees is political in nature, because the journalists of the publication did not commit anything illegal, but on the contrary were very useful to society.

Since 1993, the country's authorities have been implementing a specific goal – to eliminate independent media or subjugate them. The persecution of “Toplum TV” is the realization of this very goal, she believes.

Nevertheless, it will not be possible to completely destroy freedom of opinion in the country, Yagublu is convinced. "We won't be here, others will come. It is impossible to destroy freedom of opinion and democracy with violence and prohibitions," she said.

It should be noted that the charges against the staff of the publication relate to illegal financing from abroad. Apparently, the investigation is trying to establish all sources and all channels of receipt of money from foreign donors and present this as confirmation of the accusation of money smuggling by an organized group.

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