All the detained participants of the PFPA action have been released with the exception of one  /UPDATED/

All those detained during the PFPA protest were released, with the exception of Rovshan Mammadov, a member of the Salyan district organization of the PFPA, who is accused of breaking the rear window of a police car.

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2022 November 12 (Saturday) 10:44:16

The number of supporters of the PFPA detained by the police has reached 204 people /UPDATED/

The number of people detained by the police during the action of the Popular Front Party (PFPA) on November 11 reached 204 people.  The PFPA told the Turan news agency that this is still an incomplete list of detainees. The information is being clarified.

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2022 November 11 (Friday) 19:41:15

PFPA activist charged with damaging police car

Baku/11.11.22/Turan: The Ministry of Internal Affairs confirmed the fact of the detention of one opposition protester. He is accused of damaging a police car.

On November 11,  at around 16:00, a group of people tried to hold an uncoordinated rally in front of the building of the Executive Power of the city of Baku, the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs told Turan. 
The attempt was stopped by police officers, and these persons were removed from the scene, the agency further notes.

“However, one of the protesters, who was in a state of alcoholic intoxication, previously convicted R. Mammadov, was detained and taken to the police station because he broke the rear window of a police car,” the press-service reported. Investigation is ongoing, the Ministry of Internal Affairs further noted.

In turn, Zafar Ahmadov, a member of the human rights organization "Line of Defense", told Turan that the detainee is  Rovshan Mammadov, a member of the Salyan regional organization of the Popular Front Party of Azerbaijan.

A human rights activist who was watching the rally stressed that there is a video of Mammadov's participation in the rally and his detention, and the footage shows that he did not break the glass of the car.
Ahmadov also noted that by the evening of November 11, human rights activists managed to obtain confirmation of the release of 139 detainees.—06B-

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