American voters on Trump and Biden

American voters on Trump and Biden

"Earlier Americans were more active in elections, they valued the freedoms that were won by their forefathers. It's a shame that now many have begun to forget that." Ren Pridgeon, one of the volunteers during the North Carolina primary, told Turan.

One of the voters who came to the polls, when asked if it was Biden or Trump, replied, "Biden."

"I don't like Trump's agenda and his behaviour," he explained.

Asked whether the US should help Ukraine, the voter emphasised that it should. "If Biden wins, we will have to reaffirm America's leading role and continue helping Ukrainians," the voter said.

Another voter, when asked Biden or Trump, said she didn't like both candidates. "They are both old, we need young leaders who better understand the needs of voters. However, if I have to choose between them, I would prefer Biden. As for Trump, he has proven that he cannot be a leader. Our society is very polarised, but Biden has done not little to unite people," she said.

Another voter said he doesn't like both candidates. To his thinking, Biden and Trump do not adequately assess the problems of the U.S. population.

Trump promised in the first time to do a lot of things, but did nothing.

"My America is a family, but I don't want the government telling me how to live and controlling my money and telling me how to raise my child," the voter said.

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