"Amnesty International" calls for release of Gubad Ibadoglu and others

"Amnesty International" calls for release of Gubad Ibadoglu and others

"Amnesty International" has sent a letter to the President of Azerbaijan calling for the immediate release of Gubad Ibadoglu, an economist and political activist.

Unfortunately, Ibadoglu's ordeal has lasted for 274 days, marked by unfair imprisonment, deteriorating health and denial of necessary medical care, the letter says.

On April 22, 2024, despite the fact that Ibadoglu was transferred from the Kurdakhani detention center to house arrest, his freedom is still in the grip of unfounded accusations and severe restrictions.

The arrest of Ibadoglu, who has been in custody since July 23, 2023, is a harsh retribution for his unwavering commitment to fighting corruption and expressing disagreement with the injustice of the government. His imprisonment, replete with accusations of involvement in transactions with counterfeit currency and unfounded accusations of religious extremism, testifies to the systematic persecution of dissidents in Azerbaijan, the letter says.

Central to "Amnesty International"s statement is the urgent need to address Ibadoglu's serious health problems. His serious condition, associated with heart disease, type 2 diabetes, kidney disease and debilitating back pain, requires immediate attention. Although his transfer to house arrest allegedly testified to these health problems, the reality remains grim as he languishes without access to adequate medical treatment.

"Amnesty International"s letter emphasized that Ibadoglu has been denied basic rights and calls for justice. The organization calls on President Aliyev not only to drop all charges against Ibadoglu, but also to facilitate his departure from Azerbaijan to receive necessary medical care abroad. Besides, it urges the Government to allow foreign medical workers to assist Ibadoglu in meeting urgent medical needs within the country.

"Amnesty International" also calls for the end to the abuse of the criminal justice system in Azerbaijan in order to prosecute critics and dissidents, as well as for the immediate removal of all politically motivated charges against human rights defenders, activists and journalists in Azerbaijan.

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