Anti-corruption rally in Istanbul

Baku/23.12.13/Turan : In Istanbul on Sunday, more than ten thousand people took to the streets to protest against corruption and the activities of the present government.

The action was attended by representatives of 200 political parties and public organizations , Turkish media reported .

Chairman of the country's largest opposition Republican People's Party of Turkey / RPP/ Kemal Kilichdaroglu criticized the government for what it takes bribes and corruption under his protection . In his opinion , this government has lost its legitimacy.

In turn, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan warned that the purpose of anti-corruption measures is to create a split of his government , and he will go to retaliate. He promised to pursue the "dark and international forces ," which he believes are behind this operation.

Erdogan was furious that the police conducted an operation "Big bribe" , the development of which was 14 months without notifying the political leadership. To loosen the police activity was produced in the rotation of officers, involved in the operation .

Recall that on December 17 in Turkey police conducted a series of urgent anti-corruption measures in Istanbul and Ankara , arresting more than 80 officials and prominent businessmen , including three sons acting ministers. Among those arrested were citizens of Azerbaijan , including the head of the customs office in Nakhchivan.

Media report on large-scale money laundering totaling $ 87 billion by members of a criminal network , which includes citizens of Azerbaijan, Iran and Turkey. Most of the funds went to Russia and offshore accounts. In this case, they mention the names of high officials and businessmen from Azerbaijan.

Turkey's Interior Minister Muammer Guler submitted to the Prime Minister his resignation appeal after his son was arrested as an accomplice in the case of this matter. -0 -


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