Attack on Azerbaijani Embassy committed by terrorist group - video proof

Baku/28.01.23/Turan: Security cameras installed at the Azerbaijani Embassy in Tehran captured not only the moment of the armed attack on 27 January, but also what happened later, when the first attacker, Yasin Huseynzadeh, was neutralized.

It is worth recalling that Huseynzadeh, armed with an assault rifle, burst into the building and opened indiscriminate fire. Mortally wounding the head of security, Orkhan Askerov, the terrorist was incapacitated by another security officer, Vasif Tagiyev. 

The terrorist was restrained and the Embassy doors locked from the inside.  After the assailant failed to leave the building, his armed accomplices approached the Embassy. One of them tried to enter the Embassy, but failed. He opened fire on the lock with a submachine gun and then started pounding on the door with a sledgehammer.

At that point, another assailant attempted to set fire to an Embassy vehicle, but set himself on fire and fled. Others tried to put fire out on his way.

All this proves that the attack was planned and that there were several armed men with not only automatic rifles but incendiary mixtures as well.

When it comes to the detained terrorist, he said during interrogation that the Azerbaijani security services had lured his wife into the Embassy and would not let her out. "I received voice messages from her that she would not return to me, but I did not believe it and decided to release her," he said.

Meanwhile, the Iranian authorities remained unclear there and did not clarify whether a certain Iranian national was in the Embassy or ? If so, why didn't the Iranian authorities lay claim or demand her release? -02B-

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